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Climb Above
The Aviation term “Vx” refers to an aircraft’s vital speed in order to achieve its “best angle of climb”. Let us show how we can accelerate your desired goals while saving you money and exceeding your expectations!

A wise man once said that “Time is Money”. In the business of aviation, obtaining desired results in an expeditious, precise and cost effective manner is essential, particularly in the “take off ” phase. That’s why we’ve coined “Vx” as our hallmark. Let us show you just how we can accelerate your goals while saving you money and exceeding your expectations.

Aircraft Acquisitions

Buying a Jet can be a complex process and involves many important steps. Market knowledge, excellent management skills and successful negotiations are just a few characteristics which help the client to purchase the highest quality aircraft at the best value.

Aircraft Marketing

Selling your Jet? JetVx ensures a timely sale at the highest value the market will bear. From advertising and lead generation to market analysis and follow-up, we work around the clock, around the globe, to generate interest and attract prospective buyers for your aircraft. JetVx uses numerous advertising mediums, including trade publications, the internet, mass mailings, email campaigns and telemarketing campaigns. We develop high quality marketing products tailored to the distinct characteristics of your aircraft.

Aircraft Leasing

Not yet ready to purchase? Want to test the water? Let JetVx find the most suitable short or long term lease for you.

Aircraft Management

Aircraft ownership requires a strict attention to detail. If engaged with management services, JetVx will provide owners with the comfort of knowing that their aircraft is ready for service at all times.

Growing up in a blue-collar context, Mike Shafer learned the value of hard work at an early age by cutting lawns in his neighborhood and growing his small business. Years later, by God’s grace, Mike transitioned into aircraft sales. From Mercury Aircraft Sales to JetVx, Mike has been faithfully serving clients in the aviation industry for over 15 years. With JetVx, Mike and his associates enjoy a team-based approach to providing attentive, friendly, personal service to his clients. At JetVx we strive to serve others well, pursue excellence, grow profitably, and above all, honor God in everything we do.
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Louis Levenson

You always returned calls and emails promptly (a real issue for me with other people who wait weeks to connect). Mostly what impresses me, now that I have owned the plane for a bit, is that you represented it to be what it is.

James T. Cook, III

I used Mike Shafer to sell my modified Cheyenne Aircraft, and he did yeoman work in advertising and coordinating with potential buyers. I was well served and recommend him without hesitation.

Dr. Antonio R. González-Ruiz

It did not take me long to realize that Mike is different from other aircraft brokers I have dealt in the past. His professional ethic and honesty are above the rest.

Pete DeSoto
Sold: 2013 TBM 850 Elite

You are a sincere person, which is a breath of fresh air in a world where there seem to be some that are not. Thanks for helping me through the process.

Edouard P. Bissada
Sold: Piper PA46

Whether you are a buyer or seller I can wholeheartedly recommend that you use Mike and his company. He will work his tail off to get your aircraft sold or get you into the right plane given your budget.

Tom Tess
The Straubel Companies

Mike is very focused in the completion of a deal…he worked hard to find solutions, gained agreement from both the seller and me and then successfully completed the transaction. His intensity and thoroughness are outstanding.

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Relationships are key and trust is paramount. We want you as our client for your entire aviation life.