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So far, 2021 is off to a busy start. COVID-19, low-interest rates, great buying opportunities, and a plethora of other catalysts brought many first time buyers to the market in 2020. In 15 years of aircraft brokerage, I’ve never seen anything like this. One recent acquisition client (a first-time buyer, married couple who are owner/pilots) noted how they’d worked their entire life, saved diligently, and saw the recent events of the Pandemic as valid rationale to purchase their own private, sanitary tube – and take on as an adventure (in place of first-class plane tickets). One of the largest title companies in the U.S. noted they’d never had such a busy December. Typically, things tend to slow down in January, however, we have not seen this happen.

Back in the spring of 2020 during the shutdown, we could have never forecasted such trending. So what does this practically mean? Some feel these variables point to irrational exuberance. However, in light of recent commercial airline forecasting, it could point to another 2 years of consistency in General Aviation transaction activity.  Barring any gridlock in Congress, this could be another record-breaking year for General Aviation. Certainly, not all markets are showing these trends. However, most have seen a general increase in inactivity.  If you have any further questions or would like a free market summary of your specific aircraft genera, send mike an email for a free synopsis of your markets. As always, we appreciate the opportunity to serve and look forward to speaking with you soon.

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